Sep. 21st, 2011 06:08 pm
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I am privileged because I am white.
I am privileged because I am Christian.
I am privileged because I am slim.
I am privileged because I live in a developed country.
I am privileged because I finished my education up to Year 12.
I am privileged with access to free healthcare and further education is within my reach if I want it.
I am privileged to live in a developed country where fresh water and food can be taken for granted.

I am also privileged that when I found myself in an abusive relationship I had the support of the community to leave and keep myself and my children safe.

There are many ways in which I experience the other end of privilege - where I am not the one experiencing it. I am a woman, a single mother, I don't have a university education and have been out of the work force for 2.5 years. I can't afford to "keep up with the Jones'" (and don't want to). There are things I chose which affect the way that I am seen and treated - I chose to leave the work force to look after my children full time. I chose to embrace my womanhood in all its natural glory. I chose to remove myself and my children from the mainstream consumer driven norm (something which I am still working on!). I chose not to continue my education. All these choices have freed me however. I have been the one to make these choices. Making these choices has empowered me to live a life that is closer to my ideals and ethical choices. And this is perhaps my biggest privilege. The ability to choose.

So without lessening my pain at being a woman in a patriarchy, without lessening the struggles that we still face 100 years after women won the right to vote, I like to ensure that I remember the ways in which I AM privileged, and the struggles that are so much harder for many women all over the world. Women who can't get an education, access to vital healthcare when it is needed, and for whom access to food and clean water means a hike that takes most of the day for not enough to feed their family. Women who are forced to stay in marriages a lot more abusive than the one I left so easily in comparison. Women who if they manage to leave an abusive relationship find there chance of getting murdered actually increases, who have to work around the clock just to pay the rent, who find their chances of physical assault and murder increases just because they have a life within their womb. Not all these apply only to developing countries, many of these apply to women living in developed countries such as Australia, the USA and the UK.

We're clearly soldiers in petticoats
And dauntless crusaders for woman's votes
Though we adore men individually
We agree that as a group they're rather stupid!

Cast off the shackles of yesterday!
Shoulder to shoulder into the fray!
Our daughters' daughters will adore us
And they'll sign in grateful chorus
"Well done, Sister Suffragette!"

From Kensington to Billingsgate
One hears the restless cries!
From ev'ry corner of the land:
"Womankind, arise!"
Political equality and equal rights with men!
Take heart! For Missus Pankhurst has been clapped in irons again!

No more the meek and mild subservients we!
We're fighting for our rights, militantly!
Never you fear!

So, cast off the shackles of yesterday!
Shoulder to shoulder into the fray!
Our daughters' daughters will adore us
And they'll sign in grateful chorus
"Well done! Well done!
Well done Sister Suffragette!"

Music: Richard M. + Robert B. Sherman
Lyrics: Richard M. + Robert B. Sherman
Premiere: 1964
from the Mary Poppins soundtrack


Jul. 19th, 2011 02:38 pm
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sigh - while bravely rescuing my children from the clutches of the lesser known Tasmanian Crocodile I managed to break the end off my fibula. One word - ow. Repeated many, many times.
This then lead to convoluted borrowings of strangers phones as I had of course left mine at home to call my grand parents and TLW. TLW brought my phone and the Grandfather drove my car with me and the kids to the ER while the Grandmother drove their car behind us. Met Mum at the ER and the Grandfather then had to take Mum's car back to her house where the Grandmother picked him up and they went home. Phew!

Meanwhile, Mum, small people and I sat and waited. And waited. Then when I lost feeling in my toes (I'd left my Doc Marten on to fulfil the Compression part of RICE) the nurse finally came to take my boot off and triage me - oh, impressive swelling localised over ankle bone. Was sat in a very comfortable recliner wheel chair and popped in a corner to wait. We arrived at about 1pm. I had xrays taken. After a couple of hours Mum took the small people to the supermarket for supplies other than chocolate bars and chips which is apparently all the hospital can supply. They arrived back after 45 minutes or so and I still hadn't been called. Waited for another hour, still no call. Mum went to find out what was happening because if it was just a sprain we could just go to a chemist for bandages and crutches and go home. They told her that it was a fracture and I had been called but hadn't answered - apparently sticking ones head out the door and saying a name without entering the waiting room works... Or not. Eventually Mum had words about small children having to wait in the ER while the drunk drivers and other detritus of saturday night were coming in and Anouke threw a tanty and I got through! Mum took smalls home for tea and after another hour I was plastered, crutched and sent home - it was 8 pm when I arrived home!

Today went much smoother when I had to go back for a full cast now that the swelling has disappeared. I had an early appointment which was only 5 minutes late, got a new cast, got new xrays, talked to the registrar - 6 weeks no weight bearing, no driving - and came home. So the next few weeks will be complicated. No driving makes life difficult but I'm sure we will get buy.
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Wow. What a winter it has been! A phenomenally wet April that burst the banks of the creek at the bottom of the property, and now we have just had a week of snow! Not on our place, but the road into Hobart was closed yesterday. Its the kid of winter stuff I remember from when I was in primary school, which is about 20 years ago now. The small people loved sitting on top of the highest point of the road last week and catching snowflakes in their hands out the window of the car.

Today has dawned crisp and clear and beautiful. the sun is out and the sky is blue albeit with a bit of wind and some grey clouds around the horizon.

Today the housemates head off on a holiday with their assorted children for a few days. Its sort of a holiday for us too - being in the house by ourselves is a rare thing. I haven't had to cook dinner months because I am on wash up duty so there is a novelty factor involved with it now lol.

I've had a request for rainbow gloves from both small people so need to finish spinning up the wool they have chosen too so I can do that... so much to do and so little time.
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So I am excited about things moving towards building my house but can't draw very well, not well enough to do justice to the vision in my head anyway! So here is a written wander through n the hopes it helps :D

We approach the front door from the east, it is made of wood, arched and heavy. Iron hinges and a door knob adorn it and allow entry. If you arrive by night a hanging lantern lights the entrance which is sheltered by an arched roof mirroring the arch of the door. Once you pass through the door you are standing on a raised semi circular step. On your right is an old wardrob that belonged to my great grandfather, used for storing coats, shoes and other transitory clothing and items. On the left a staircase rises up to the loft. We'll go there later ;) Ahead of you is the living area. An open plan space with cob benches curving around the walls on either side of the fireplace. The west wall has large windows facing to trees and verdant gully and opens onto the outdoor entertaining area. Go down the curving steps onto the earthen floor which has been warmed by the sun and enjoy the view for a moment. Under the stairs is a curtain which covers the entrance to the sleeping alcove - a cosy cave designed simply to accomodate a bed. Windows are small and set into the walls to let in the morning sun and to provide space to put a cup of tea, a candle or book. The walls of this space are thick and the one furthest from the front door has a small book shelf built into it to put the many books and knitting projects I tend to accumulate near my bed. The curtain is thick and handmade and preserves the warm air within the space overnight as well as providing privacy.
Next to the bed alcove is the only enclosed room in the house - the bathroom. The internal wall lets in light through the bottles embedded in the wall and there is a window high on the wall to let in outside light. A clawfoot bath wit a large shower head over it is in the middle of the room and surrounded by a shower curtain. The toilet sits in the far corner against the outside wall to enable the composting bit underneath to be emptied. A handbasin is next to it and in the opposite corner behind a curtain is the washing machine. The floor in here is tiled with salvaged tiles. The door is another hand made wooden one set in a fairly thick section of wall to create a definite change between rooms.

Above the bed alcove and bathroom is the loft. With wooden floor boards and many shelves in the walls to store things, this room will probably start out as a play area for the small people but will be my spinning/weaving/knitting room later. Light comes in through a skylight and the loft is open to the rest of the house. There are niches to hold smaller lights and objects in the walls too.
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Yep, planning this again. Tried it last year and was spectacularly unorganised - picture me frantically tring to finish stuff on 23rd December, giving up and buying the remaining presents on Christmas eve... This year however I have started and nearly finished one present already and it is only June, so here is hoping I can keep up the momentum! Pics will obviously not be forthcoming for a while though ;)

In other news, and totally unrelated, Anouke had a haircut today. She is a big fan of finding scissors and chopping bits off so today I was proactive and got rid of the dreadlocks and cut it off. I would post a pic of it but I only have a super grumpy one at the moment so will wait til her hair is dry and she is a bit more cheerful.
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Today the assorted children have covered science, art, gymnastics, reading, maths, personal development,music,technology... and probably many more we haven't noticed. All on a cold, not very nice day, with minimal input from us. They do it all by themselves.
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a sprite - he doesn't match the original plan i had in my head, this trickster has appeared all by himself and definitely chosen his own look!
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So time has passed and I have been a bad blogger... Still waiting on various things from overseas but have got most of it now and have set up a studio type area for myself in a corner of the bedroom. I have some ideas bubbling away in my head that I will go and scribble down in a minute before they escape!

I'm really liking the house sharing deal - I'm finding it easier to deal with the small people and having another adult around to point out when I am being unreasonable but don't realise it is pretty good too. Ianto is happy to stay with ETFB and thelancrewitch most of the time now if I just duck out for a bit and Anouke is getting used to other adults and I don't reckon it will be long before I can leave her for a bit too... Won't know what has hit me!

I'm off to scribble while Anouke has a snooze and Ianto is occupied elsewhere, hopefully I'll have a picture to put up of an accomplishment soon :)
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We are all in, Christmas and New year are over and life is starting to settle into a routine slowly but surely. There are 8 of us here at the moment and it gets loud but the small people seem to be settling in with a minimum of fuss - seems to be about the same as actual siblings experience so nothing to complain about!
We still have lots of painting to do and stuff to be getting on with but bit by bit we are getting there.

I'm getting inspired about fibre projects - wet felting, needle felting, knitting, weaving and spinning. Lots of ideas floating around but sadly so much stuff that needs doing before the fun stuff... Waiting on fluffy mail from the US now and cursing all the public holidays in between.
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Posting late, but that is what happens when you are in the process of moving house - internet access gets dodgy!

Anouke is proving my greatest treasure and teacher in this unschooling bizzo. I had a minor panic this week about her learning to count. I can't remember how old Ianto was when he learned to count to ten but I had a panic that he knew by the time he was 2 and I do know we taught him. I don't 'teach' Anouke things like that, partly due to trying to trust the natural learning process, and partly because in between general parenting (keeping every one fed and watered and vaguely clean) and having 2 children now instead of just one I forget lol.

So I had this minor panic about her learning and then this morning she held up her fingers and counted 'one, two, three, four' and I stopped panicking. I relaxed and remembered that human beings want to learn. That she is trying to keep up with her brother, that her natural instinct is to learn and develop and change. And my faith was restored until the next time.
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Well, the carpets are nearly all up at Brair Farm, as my back can attest! Only my room and [profile] lancrewitch 's room to go but as people are sleeping there that will be the last on the list. Batpup and Boywonder's bedroom is done as is [personal profile] etfb 's so they just need painting and a few more things and then the other bedrooms can be done. Its chaos with us all there, but it does seem to work so heres hoping!

busy weekend this weekend. Ianto has his end of year gymnastics show on saturday, Study Sister arriving home on Sunday. All very exciting but will be busy.
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joining Mama Owl in Unschool Mondays - hopefully this will inspire more regular posting as well as encouraging me to look at what the kids are learning!

We are just embarking on our unschooling journey having only decided officially to homeschool earlier this year - although seeing as the small people have taught themselves to walk, talk, eat and play by themselves I guess we have been doing it for their whole lives! Interestingly I find letting go of somethings easier than others. Reading I have no trouble trusting that if there are books around (and there are definitely books around!) and I read to them then they will pick it up themselves. This faith probably comes from the fact that I learnt to read at about 4 and can't remember ever NOT reading lol. Ianto is nearly 5 and I can see bits clicking into place. He is starting to see the difference between numbers and letters and can recognise 'his' letter and number as well as 'mine' and various other peoples letters. He has a great time playing with scrabble tiles and we talk about I being for icecream etc. When he is in the mood he will copy writing, identically - to the point that if he is sat opposite me copying something I am writing his will be upside down to him! Its all part of the process and I have complete faith that when he is ready he will sit down and start reading and - this is the important bit - because he has been allowed to approach it in his own way he will enjoy it.
Maths is something I struggle with though. I always found maths hard (apart from when using a certain maths book in year 11 which really clicked with me) and hugely frustrating. Not passing that on to the small people I will struggle with. Because I found it hard I find it difficult to trust that they will just pick it up the same way they would with reading. Of course the truth of the matter is the same - if I had been allowed to pick up maths in a way that suited me and in my own time then I would not have found it so frustrating! And the same applies to my small people.

I tend towards the radical side of unschooling a lot of the time too, purely from laziness I think lol. I don't restrict TV access unless we are at someone elses house and I sometimes have a flare up of "oh shit they do nothing but watch TV!" but the reality is that Ianto goes through phases. Right now he has the TV on a lot but he is coming out of that phase and playing with his toys more, going on the trampoline, going outside... Anouke isn't interested for more than 2 minutes at any time lol. So I breathe and try and let go of it. When we move the TV will be hiding somewhere because the only place to have it is as a focal point of the lounge room and non of the adults want that. The house will not be screen free by any stretch of the imagination though with almost as many computers as people lol.

And now Anouke's demands for boobie and food mean that my essay has to end!


Nov. 10th, 2010 12:36 am
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We had a lovely day at the park/beach today with [personal profile] etfb and [profile] lancrewitch 's small people along with various others for birthday celebrations of the Boy Wonder. There was much running around in the sun, splashing in the water then sleeping in the car :D
A little too much sugar judging by the way they bounced off the walls when we got home, but there you go. Apparently I have got through the tired and am into insomnia country because I am wide awake and showing no signs of going to sleep despite it being past midnight. Sigh. I will pay for this tomorrow!

When we got home I realised that our oak tree has transformed, seemingly overnight, from a brown twiggy thing to a vibrantly - almost obscenely - green tree. The green rosellas are loving it, the wattle birds are less than impressed with being kicked off 'their' tree. The change of the seasons brings new creatures and I suspect if we were staying here longer I would see the roll of the seasons in the different animals but I'm sure I will be able to see that in the new house as well! Seeing the green tree made me realise how vibrantly green everything is at the moment - the cycles of warm days and rainy days are just perfect for growing things by the looks of it because everything has just got green and shot up. So many shades of green that I can't count them all, and all so bright, and so very definite that they are here and alive and sprouting.

I spent a fair bit of this afternoon browsing through and finding various patterns to use up the bits and peices of yarns that I have lying around. Quick and easy patterns that mean i can achieve something in between adjudicating arguments, cooking, breaking up fights, finding remotes...
I've also been reminicsing about this time 2 years ago - I was 38 weeks pregnant and had found a lovely zen place, floating through the days, not achieving much at work, looking forward to labouring and birthing but at the same time enjoying being pregnant and not wanting it to end, just waiting for my baby to arrive. Now she is nearly 2 and it is hard to believe that once upon a time she fit in my belly. I can remember her being a day or two old and being curled up in a fetal postion on my stomach and marveling at how she fit there.... Now she manages to take up the whole double bed and then some and is lucky if she fits on my lap! She talks, has conversations, sings, wanders off into flights of fancy (usually about babies lol) wants to make and create things, to cook, to help, to play with her brother. She is very attached to both myself and Ianto and gets distressed if either of us leaves. Even Ianto disappearing to the other side of the playground can be cause for "waily waily waily" if she is tired. Leaving him at thier fathers place on wednesdays is a bit of a trial for her and she usually spends about 10 minutes upset that we have had to leave him behind. It is a joy to watch her grow into a caring, imaginative, fiesty and willfull child and toddler.
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Been a while... Feels like nothing happens really, but stuff does. We have discovered that wheat and Ianto is a REALLY bad combination, had a Halloween party, we are moving into a house with [personal profile] etfb and [profile] lancrewitch which will be an adventure!
We visited the new house the other day and discovered a platypus in the creek that marks one of the boundaries which was pretty cool. So amazing did I find this that I promptly got excited and told Ianto to come and see very loudly which of course meant it disappeared! The next couple of weeks will involve me getting my a into g to move house again but I can be a bit more relaxed about it this time. Very excited that I get to choose the colour our room will be painted in. Its been a long time renting and not being able to personalise our space.

I've been knitting and felting a lot too, although most of my projects at the moment are presents for people so they can't be shared yet ;) I'm using a pattern for the first time and its exposing the way I learn as well as the way to knit. I find looking at a pattern in its entireity baffling and very intimidating, but if I take it a chunk at a time and just concentrate on that it is fine.

Spent this morning watching the Batpup and BoyWonder at the park so that [profile] lancrewitch could go to the hardware store in peace and am now stuck to the couch by a small sleeping woman while Ianto makes potions in the kitchen again. I'm going to try and extricate myself so that I can have some lunch.
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this has been floating around in my head for a while, it will probably be hugely rambled and disjointed but it my blog and i'll ramble if I want to.

I'm a feminist and most people know this. It is only recently (as in since a book I ordered arrived yesterday lol) that I have started to read about it and be able to define and clarify my thoughts a bit.

It disturbs me that even with my awareness of feminism and the patriarchy how much of it is so ingrained in my mind that I don't notice it. Things that seem small, but because of their smallness are actually huge as they lay the groundwork for larger patriarchal "truths". If I think of doctor my automatic assumption is man. Nurse = woman. Mechanic = man. Teacher = woman. It worries me, although I know that just my awareness of it is the first step in counteracting it. Still it presents a challenge - I want to raise people. I have a son and a daughter but I want them to grow up believing that their possession of a penis or vagina isn't what defines their roles in the world as people.

Which leads on to patriarchy. The book I recieved yesterday was "Restoring the Goddess" by Barbara G Walker and one of the points that it makes in the first couple of chapters is that the patriarchal model of society is one that depends on power over. It is a recent construct and before the patriarchy there was matriarchy and the matriarchal system is not just the patriarchal system reversed which is what so many seem to think it is. The matriarchal system was one of power with. and that is a huge difference

And I will have to make do with 2 random ponderings because the small people are awake now so deep and meaningful thought has to make way for breakfast.
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oh the sad. Walking from one room to another this morning I found a patch of water on the tiles by falling over. Not such a big deal until we remember that i was carrying my eee PC at the time and it now has a very cracked screen. Thankfully I still have the big laptop so I still have access to Teh Netz but it does mean there will be fights over who can use the computer as Ianto has been using the big one to watch movies on. Tough titties really, cos I'm bigger and I wanna use it! It'll be a couple of hundred dollars to get a new screen and I'm hoping a friend will be able to fix it for me. Seeing as all my male friends apart from one or two work with computers in one way or another I'm hoping that it won't be too hard to find someone to fix it for me.
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I want to do something for myself. Ideally I would be doing Irish Dancing again, but at the moment there are no adult classes available. Obviously now that Riverdance is 15 years old its too daggy again! In the meantime I have been attempting ot get some exercise everyday - with various levels of success. It usually involves dodging children who think that mummy doing downward dog or warrior pose means she wants to be climbed on or over... I have also got myself a new tin whistle after Anouke wandered off with my old one. I got a better quality one and the sound difference is huge! It got a lovely breathy, chiffy sound to it and I'm getting better at getting the second octave without squeaking. Not easy as going up an octave means blowing harder - breath control needed!
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I have a limpet attached to my boob asleep and Ianto is asleep in front of the heater. At 5pm dangnabbit. i have spent today under the table in a huge cubby made of blankets in an effort to get them all washed and dried today as we a)need them to sleep under tonight and b) need them to take to Bruny Island with us tomorrow and I would like to have a couple of doonas to keep warm under as the weather is decidedly not warm.
Of course said trip is the reason that the smalls are sleeping now. This means that they will be up til very late which of course means they will sleep late. Well, Ianto will. Anouke will wake up at the usual time regardless - which means that I will be awake then too. Of course I need to have them up and dressed (and hopefully fed but that can be rectified in the car!) and in the car so that we can get petrol, get some groceries and get over the hill to the ferry by 10.30 am. Thankfully getting to Bruny Island involves a fair amount of driving so they can sleep in the car.

I'd really like to move but every time I do Anouke wakes up enough to glare at me and demand her bee (boobie) back before shoving it back in her mouth and going back to sleep. le sigh.
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Major discovery today? My back door has not only swollen to the point that it is really difficult to lock properly but it leaks at the bottom and the top when it is rainy and windy like it is at the moment. Sigh. So it has a whole lot of towels wrapped up at the bottom in an attempt to lessen the problem.

We also got the hot water cylinder fixed finally - the bliss of having a hot shower, especially on a day when it is cold and wet and windy cannot be underestimated. Particularly when you have been having progressively colder ones over the course of winter.

Anouke has been hugely cute lately. She has developed a lisp out of nowhere so now says "yeth" and "kith" as she smiles at everyone, calls her baby a lump (can't imagine where she got that from *shifty eyes*), breastfeeds all her toys, tries to get dressed by herself and copies the house work.


Sep. 15th, 2010 04:03 pm
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Headed up to town today to see Flying Auntie, Nooga (my grandmother), Hirie (my great aunt) and Dad for lunch as we usually do. It is a wild and woolly day - wind, rain and snow as we came over the highest point of the road! Sadly the small people were asleep in the car so didn't get to see it, but luckily the small people were asleep so I could concentrate on driving!

I have been craving a rythem to our lives for a while and we seem to be getting there. I now have a book with suggestions for celebrations around the year and different foods to celebrate them with. The food especially appeals to me because I love cooking and baking.

The screens are on for a bit today - small people are watching Wall.E and drawing and I'm taking a moment to check my blogs and forums. I'll sit down on the floor soon and start building with the blocks and see if that gets them away from the screen for a while.

Just had the electrician come to look at the hot water cylinder AGAIN and he reckons he has found the actual problem this time. Of course it isn't an electrical problem but a plumbing one at because plumbers don't answer their phones after 4pm it will have to wait until tomorrow to be fixed but hopefully there is a light at the end of that tunnel and I can have a nice hot shower tomorrow night!